Team Maximos

Goal: $1,000

Raised: $1,375

138% Complete

138% of Goal Reached

Our Story

Team Maximos is led by our rock star son and brother Max. Max has made huge gains thru the help of FEAT and Sport Social and loves to ride his scooter and play in the Sport Social bounce house! Please support Max by making a donation to FEAT so other kids like Max can become shining stars!

Donations and Comments

Mark Karris $100 Donation

Go Max Go!

John and Maria $100 Donation

Amy Chelini $100 Donation

John & Marcie Karas $50 Donation

God Bless you Max.

Tammy and Chris Irrera $50 Donation

Go Team Max! xoxo

The Regans - John, Angie, Zach, Ethan and Alivia $50 Donation

Anonymous $100 Donation

Joseph R. Ganley $100 Donation

Great work Karris Family!

Christina Miller $50 Donation

Yay Max!

Gil & Adriana O'Brien $100 Donation

Go Max!

Cyndi Webber $100 Donation

Go Max and his wonderful family and team !!

Robert Wallace $100 Donation

Go Team Maximus!

Jason Frierson $100 Donation

Kevin Keefe $50 Donation

Go Team Maximos!

Pavel Bizov $25 Donation

Go Max!!!!!

The FitzGerald Family-Ginny, Bret and Jess $100 Donation

Chantal $100 Donation

Go Max!!!

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