Team Eron

Goal: $5,000

Raised: $3,845

77% Complete

77% of Goal Reached

Donations and Comments

Billie Rayford $50 Donation

Kristina $25 Donation

I’m so proud of you!

Denise Skrock $20 Donation

Go Eron...

Sunny Glendon $50 Donation

Good Luck Eron!!

Elija $200 Donation

I love you bro!

Natasha $200 Donation

I love you bro!

Jill Wojewodzic $20 Donation

Lindsey $50 Donation

Love you guys.

Dylan and Ethan $30 Donation

Melissa & Ejay $50 Donation

Go Eron, we love you!

Go team $500 Donation

Cef & Cindy Villafuerte $50 Donation

You got this Eron! So proud of you, buddy!!!

Liz $75 Donation

Go Eron!! I’m so proud of you!!! Love you!!

Heddamarie Hart $100 Donation

Go Eron!!

Garber Boys $50 Donation

Isaias, Cynthia and Ramiro $50 Donation

We are so proud of you Eron! <3

Maria Parado $25 Donation

Goodluck ! 😘

Ace $25 Donation

Christina and Ketan $50 Donation

We’re so proud of you Eron!

Daria Mulkey $50 Donation

Casey Sage $50 Donation

Kirstin Von Sydow $150 Donation

Go Eron! We love you !

Marie Quichocho $20 Donation


Desiree Lorenzo & Tatiana $30 Donation

Angela Khachatryan $80 Donation

Nick $10 Donation

Nadine $50 Donation


Sylvain Family $50 Donation

Go get em Eron!! ❤️❤️

The Kennedy Crew $100 Donation

Go Eron!!!

Flores Family $50 Donation

Go Eron!!

Montefalcon Family $50 Donation

Go Eron!!!

Nicole DiBlasi $50 Donation

We love you, Eron!

Orlando Deral $25 Donation

Spinella's $100 Donation

We love you!!!

Joanna Banks $50 Donation

Joanna Banks

Christian gabroy $250 Donation

Ben, Rachel, Adrian $50 Donation

Enjoy the Games

Carmen Skelton $40 Donation

Go Eron!!!

Dara Shirokawa $50 Donation

Cheering for you, Eron!

Bryan $25 Donation

You got this Eron ! ❤️

McNeal Family $250 Donation

Go Team Eron!

lerma clapp $20 Donation

Jeff White $20 Donation

Heather Harris $100 Donation

Michelle Zand $50 Donation

Matthew $50 Donation


Yolanda Libatique $40 Donation

Go get em Erin!!!! Love you

Louis $20 Donation

Yasodara Cabrera $25 Donation

Go Team Eron!

Julie Cole $50 Donation

Josalyn Williams $50 Donation

Go Team Eron

Mario, Mayleen, MJ, Mhelvin, Maribel & Max $50 Donation

Go Eron!!!

Noralyn Mancao $20 Donation

KGZA Reyes $25 Donation

Go Eron!!

Linda Bown $25 Donation

We love you Eron!

Killian Family $100 Donation

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