MAXIMIZE (Max Solomon)

Goal: $1,000

Raised: $1,093

109% Complete

109% of Goal Reached

Donations and Comments

Sherri and Dave Solomon $50 Donation

To infinity and beyond, Max!

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Carl $50 Donation

So proud of you Max. Love you😍

Tara, Jimmy, Michael & Noah Hutchinson $50 Donation

Ain't no mountain high enough for Max!

Helane Solomon $50 Donation

You are the best!! 💕

Laura $25 Donation

Scheinman $36 Donation

Good luck Max!

Marc, Lisa, Jeffrey and Randy $50 Donation

Let's Go Team Maximize!

Stuart Scheinman $100 Donation

Avi and Shimon $18 Donation

Fly like a falcon

Bernadette & Juliette Daly $20 Donation

Go Max!!

Tracey, Mike & Elle Lazarski $50 Donation

Go Max!!

Jackson Wong $25 Donation

Harriet Insler $25 Donation

Good luck Max

Sandi and Sam DuBoff $25 Donation

Max you are truly inspiring!

Nancy Maseng $50 Donation

Good luck Max. Enjoy your day !

Mathew and Karyn Spector $50 Donation

Lorri Tomaszewski $10 Donation


Rhona and Steve Jacobs $5 Donation

High Five, Max!

Joyce and Morty Greene $5 Donation

We're cheering you on, Max!

Olive Steffener $20 Donation

You are a great friend! Good luck!

Andrew Au $25 Donation

Go Max! Your mom is cool. :)

Melissa Britton $5 Donation

Good Luck Max!!

Grandma Lucille & Grandpa Roger $50 Donation

Way to go Max. So proud of you!

Aunt Janine, Uncle Brian, Madeline, Alex , Eric and Rocky $36 Donation

We are so proud of you!!

Cindy Murry $25 Donation

Good Luck, Max!

Gail & Richard Saul $25 Donation

Go For It, Max!

Barbara Hyman $5 Donation

Good Luck

Marina Poulis $25 Donation

Richard Solomon $10 Donation

That's my boy. Love you Max!!!!

Marian Bossard $100 Donation

Aim High, Max!

Yehoshua Fromowitz $5 Donation

great job!

Linda Beatty $50 Donation

Good luck Max...super proud of you!

The Jacobowitz Family $18 Donation

Thumbs Up Max!

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