Team Schomer-Glatts

Goal: $1,000

Raised: $1,705

171% Complete

171% of Goal Reached

Donations and Comments

Momma $20 Donation

Matty $50 Donation

Christal Schomer Kercheval $50 Donation

Love you cousins!

Wendy $50 Donation

Ok here! Stop bugging me! 🤑

Christal Schomer Kercheval $50 Donation

Love you cousins!

A&B $25 Donation

Shellie Mazzella $10 Donation

Michael Adams $10 Donation

Samantha $20 Donation

Keri Belliston $15 Donation

Bjarne Knudson $100 Donation

You can still tag me! Lol

Lauren Ayala $10 Donation

Go Jamie!!

Vanessa Downer Schubert $10 Donation

Hugs to your family!

Elizabeth Vargas $20 Donation


Gaby $10 Donation


Schultz Quincy Family $100 Donation

We love you!

Grandma Glatts $50 Donation

Chris LaMothe $15 Donation

The valentines $10 Donation

yay Jamie🎉

Jennifer Strobel $20 Donation

Love this family!

Jocelyn $50 Donation

Carly and Travis $25 Donation

Tony Villegas $5 Donation

Jeb $20 Donation

Foundation Engineering, PLC (Michael F Sullivan) $50 Donation

Angie $10 Donation

Lee Bowgren $10 Donation

Tammy and Tommy $50 Donation

Artie & Mikki Frasse $100 Donation

Go get em Jamie

ROMAINE BIGSEXY G!!! $50 Donation

Ohhh yeaaaa

Daddy $25 Donation

Adam & Alicia Lopez $20 Donation

GO Jaime!

Hustlers Las Vegas $500 Donation

Good Luck Team Schomer-Glatts!!

Familia Salgado $25 Donation

Grandpa urtz love you Jamie $20 Donation

John Ayers $100 Donation

From Ksaynia and Maddox we love you J and J

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